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Srikanth Talluri
5 min readNov 19, 2022

As human beings, we proudly term ourselves as the intelligent species on this planet. Our obsession with intelligence makes us feel superior to other life formats.

No harm in being obsessive about our native race. But is that really true? Is the claim a blind over statement? Or Did somebody measure the human intelligence vs other species’ on a scale and certify us? I know that’s impossible. My point is every animal, insect, plant and biological species are gifted with intelligence, learning, unlearning and relearning abilities.

We witness spiders’ 🕷 perfection in weaving the web. Honeybees’ 🐝 perfection in manufacturing the honey. Plants’ perfection in being the food factories. Birds’ 🦅 perfection in geo-navigation.

Despite of the changes in the climatic conditions, human and animal colonisation of their places, direct and indirect impact of human lifestyle and culture upon them, half baked human innovation and aggression on nature, changes to the planet, its climate, its health, they still continuously learn, unlearn and relearn to live and survive. Their natural algorithms get adjusted and upgraded to the emerging times while the core stays intact.

Ofcourse, few species which couldn’t upgrade had perished and got extinct in the past.

Being the intelligent race on the planet, we still panic for change, we struggle to survive, we give up to bad times.

We have heard the top grade academic alumni commit suicide, CXOs getting into depression, run away from family and life whenever problems arrive in their lives.

Where is the gap? Why are the other species continuously moving on with the change, while we humans fumble?

Despite being Educated and Graduated, why are we not moving with change?

The Reason:

It’s all with the learning mindset that ultimately reflects upon the living mindset.

Learning plays a very important role in any species’ life cycle. Humans are no exception.

Plants, Animals, Birds, Insects are happy with Continuous Learning in Life. Where as we humans feel, it’s a one time episode in life and never ever look back at learning once we graduate. The affair mostly closes by mid 20s. After that, we are alma mater and life is all about implementing whatever we have learnt at schools for rest of the life.

We believe, Learning happens at Schools & Educational Outfits only that too in the student phase of life.

This mindset will no longer help us survive in this 21st century. Intelligence needs continuous gym to be in good shape.

A six pack brain needs continuous learning workouts.

We should realise the fact that Learning happens throughout the Life, and Nature is our biggest School and Lab.


We are living in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) where inflations, recessions, wars, geo political conditions, globalisation, climate change and extra terrestrial factors like solar flares have sudden and 180° impact on the living standards and conditions of the individuals and nations on the globe. Shutdowns, Lay-offs, Economic Crisis are going to haunt us through out.

Honeybee’s Intelligence

Constant lifelong learning is what makes a honeybee 🐝 create a perfect product honey. The value they create is what we consume as medicine, preservative and for various other purposes for centuries. Their survival and sustainability hasn’t been greatly effected by the changing conditions. Otherwise they would have ceased to exist by now.

To our knowledge, 75% of plant pollination happens due to honeybees. This produces food for the entire world. Just imagine the impact of their absence!!! Food Crisis for Humans. That’s it.

Believe it or not. Human sustenance is due to Constant Learning and adaptation of the Honey Bees 🐝 to the Changing Times

Bees per se, it’s their life, next generation, livelihood and existence that motivates them towards continuous learning’ and adoption to the times. Their strong mindset is driven by their continuous learning.

Honeybees preserve their natural learning algorithm – 6D Thinking – a meta cognitive framework that helps them quickly Learn, Unlearn and Relearn to the changing conditions in their life.

Bees Learn & Upgrade for themselves & by themselves. Not to change the world and help human food supply chain. But for their self-sustenance.

This self-sustainable 6D Thinking among the bees is indirectly reflecting on the human existence by making sure our natural food supply chain isn’t broken.

Whereas we humans are reluctant to Learning and upgrading ourselves to the changing times.

Your learning need not be to change the world. But for yourself and your family. But it will certainly being a change in a big picture elsewhere.

Being an intelligent race, human intelligence also needs continuous upgrades similar to the bees 🐝 to avoid succumbing to the never ending list of problems & challenges of life.

If your Intelligence is an iOS or Android of your life, it certainly needs periodic upgrades.

6D Thinking is one such powerful tool that helps you upgrade your Intelligence instantly and constantly like a honey bee 🐝 for the changing times.

Your Intelligence drives your Decisions. Your readiness and preparedness for the VUCA world is made easy with 6D Thinking, the nature’s best algorithm to a happy life, growth & sustenance.

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn the 6D way.

It doesn’t matter where you apply it. Personal, Professional and Social life, 6D Thinking will help you navigate, clear and solve all the problems in your way.

When problems are unstoppable, so be your learning and living.

Let’s retain our supremacy in Thinking and being the Intelligent Species of the Multiverse 😉

Srikanth Talluri

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