Sunday Dosa Story

Srikanth Talluri
3 min readAug 13, 2023

On a sunny Sunday morning, young Krrish woke up to the inviting aroma of a filter coffee wafting from the kitchen. He hurriedly got dressed and rushed downstairs, excited to join his Grandma in preparing a delicious breakfast for the family.

As Krrish and his Grandma stood in the kitchen, ready to start their cooking adventure, they faced a delightful yet puzzling challenge. Each family member had their own dosa preference: Dad Srikanth wanted a plain dosa, Mom craved an onion dosa, and his little sister Anjali was all about cheese dosas.

the 6D endeavour begins

Discover: Krrish and his Grandma began their journey by discussing the various dosa preferences. They took a moment to understand the significance of each family member’s choice and how it connected to their tastes.

Define: With a clear picture of the challenge ahead, Krrish and his Grandmom defined their goal: to make dosas that everyone would enjoy. They brainstormed ideas, realizing that they needed to create a solution that could cater to all preferences.

Design: The two worked together to design a master plan. They decided to prepare a batch of plain dosa batter, and then customize each dosa according to the family members’ preferences. Krrish thought about a creative way to serve the dosas by making different shapes for each type.

Derive: As they entered the Derive phase, Krrish and his Grandmom considered the Desirability, Viability, and Reality factors. They evaluated the availability of ingredients, the time needed to prepare different toppings, and the practicality of their customized dosa plan.

Develop: With their plan in place, Krrish and his Grandmom set to work. They started by making a stack of plain dosas. Then, they sautéed onions and added them to a batch of dosa batter for Mom’s preference. For Anjali’s cheese dosas, they sprinkled cheese on top and let it melt as the dosa cooked.

Deliver: As the dosas were cooked and plated, Krrish’s family gathered around the table. Krrish presented the plain dosa to his dad, the onion dosa to his mom, and the cheese dosa to his sister. The family was thrilled with the thoughtful effort, and their smiles spoke volumes about their contentment.

With satisfied bellies and happy faces, the family not only enjoyed a delicious meal but also learned a valuable lesson.

Krrish and his Grandma had solved the dosa dilemma with a positive approach, embracing each family member’s preference and working together to create a solution that catered to everyone’s taste buds.

They discovered that combining creativity, collaboration, and understanding can turn even the simplest breakfast into a heartwarming and satisfying 6D Learning Experience.

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