My kids were NOT sent to School last academic year Post-Covid Gap.

Srikanth Talluri
3 min readMay 13, 2023

My kids were NOT sent to School last academic year Post-Covid Gap. They were Home-Schooled for an Year.

Naturally, there was an outrage from the immediate family members, few friends and well wishers.

Few of their concerns are listed below…

  • Why should they sit at Home?
  • Why should they lack the privilege to attend a School?
  • Why should they suffer because of me (parent)?
  • What will happen to their Future if their Education Halts?
  • How will they learn Social Skills without attending a School?
  • What will be their fate if they continue to sit and play at Home?

Now, all the above questions and concerns apply to every child born on this planet. Isn’t it? This story extends beyond my family and kids to every single child born on this planet.

150+ million students are out of school post-covid as per UNICEF

Shouldn’t we really be bothered about their life and fate?

Tomorrow, we will share this same planet with the same uneducated, unskilled, unprivileged and uncultured species – if we continue to ignore them and bother only about our biological children.

“The consequences of ignoring them today will gift us a costly tomorrow.”

Our this concern has turned into what is today called Ask Anjlee Academy , a free education initiative through a web and mobile application (Cloud SaaS LMS) that delivers Timetable based Daily Study Packets (DSPs), Revision Quizzes, Curated Search and an AI ChatBot (restricted to top 10% users for now).

We sourced and curated the best of the best lectures available on the internet and this will be a continuous process.

Free Subscription ( allows students from any location, background and challenges to enroll and continue learning without any hindrances.

All you need is a Basic Mobile or a Basic Desktop/Laptop/Tablet (few thousand rupees), an Internet Connection (100–200 rupees per month) and you are good to go.

My kids are having great time learning through Ask Anjlee Academy.

As a parent I strongly recommend this platform to every parent, student and school who is looking for a curated, spam free, personalised and affordable learning aid for their children.


Android App:

“School is No More a Distant Dream”

“Today’s Education will Create a Sustainable Tomorrow”

Thank you SOIL – School of Innovation and Leadership 4.0 team and partners for all your efforts towards Ask Anjlee Academy initiative.

Pls spread the word. You lose nothing my dear.

Your contribution can change the world for good.



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