”Fixing a Bicycle ~ 6D.Thinking”

Srikanth Talluri
2 min readAug 31, 2023

It’s Rakshabandhan morning. Krrish and Anjali after the Rakhi Puja ceremony, were keen to ride their bicycles to a nearby park, realise that Krrish’s bicycle has a flat tire.

1. Discover:

Krrish: “I just rode it last evening. How did this happen?”

Anjali: “Anna, Let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe we can find out why.”

Action: The siblings inspect the tire closely, find a small sharp stone embedded in it.

2. Define:

Anjali: “So, the tire got punctured because of this sharp stone. We need to fix this before heading to the park.”

Krrish: “Right. The problem is clear: a punctured tire. Let’s figure out how to fix it.”

3. Design:

Krrish: “I think dad had placed a bicycle repair kit in the garage. Let me check”

Anjali: “Anna, While you fetch that, I’ll watch a quick tutorial on how to fix a puncture.”

Action: They gather the necessary tools, and Anjali plays a video on grandma’s phone. They get 3 different ways to fix the puncture.

4. Derive:

Krrish: “There are a couple of methods in this video. Which one should we use?”

Anjali: “The patch method seems easiest and relevant to the repair toolkit we have, and it’s a quick fix.”

5. Develop:

Action: Following the video, Anjali deflates the tire, removes it from the rim, and locates the puncture. Krrish cleans the punctured area and applies the patch.

6. Deliver:

Action: The tire is then inflated and reattached to the bicycle.

Krrish: “Looks good as new! Thanks, Anjali!”

Anjali: “Teamwork and 6D.Thinking to the rescue! Ready for the park?”

Thus, Krrish & Anjali, despite their young age, tackle problems with a systematic approach using 6D.Thinking

From discovering the root cause of the problem to delivering a fixed bicycle, Krrish and Anjali used the 6D.Thinking framework effectively.

Happy Raksha Bandhan. Happy Problem Solving!


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