Elements, Experience & Emotion — the 3Es of Innovation — Part 1

Srikanth Talluri
3 min readJun 5, 2022

Innovation is a daily term in all of our lives. Starting with daily services, needs, gadgets, mobility, communication, logistics, comfort, luxury, entertainment, sports and the list goes on.

We humans are never bored of trying new products, services, places, brands — put together Experiences

Zooming In with an example, a movie theatre offering an Entertainment Experience is built with a primary Purpose of providing an outstanding entertainment Experience to the audience for a specified timeframe they are in the place.

This Experience is delivered with the collective action of a combination of High Quality Projector Screen, Sound System, Seating, Air Conditioning, Aroma, Cleanliness, Exit & Entry Signs etc…

the Elements that together create a Theatre Experience.

Further zooming In…few of the elements mentioned above like Projector, Sound etc., provide a specific experience by themselves.

Sound system by itself is an integrated product built for a purpose of providing a high quality audio for the visual projected on the screen.

Further zooming in the sound system… At the manufacturer level, the R&D team design and develop it as an integration of elements such as a wooden box, box compartments, magnetics, paper, diamond (in few) etc., all of which gets integrated by a design (size, dimensions, flow…) to deliver a superior quality sound and listening experience. (watch the below video)

Now, zooming out to the theatre level, this integrated sound product (experience) becomes an element aka building block, that again gets integrated with other elements like projector, acoustics, seating, theater dimensions etc — put together create a new Entertainment Experience altogether.

Thus, Elements are the Building Blocks, small-big which when Integrated for a Purpose in a particular Design create an Experience at that Scope.

These experiences finally create/change/refine/redefine the Emotions of the users who consume it.

These 3Es of Innovation are a standard across any products, systems, policies, business, solutions that we all consume on a daily basis.

So, Try wearing the 3E Lens now on and start dissecting the world around you.

Be it the nature around you, be it human innovation, be it the supernatural universe, be it an imaginative or creative work, be it a software, be it a robot, be it your home or be it your country — irrespective of the size and scale of the experience, try to understand the underlying building blocks aka elements which make them, how they are ordered or designed by the creator(s), put together what purpose(s) is being served.

Finally try to map the emotion(s) that these experiences and elements together bring to us.

I will continue to add more examples and case studies around the 3Es in a series of stories here after. We will be dissecting many natural and human innovations, and present in this story series for a better understanding of the 3Es of Innovation.

Stay Tuned !!!

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