Dating Fear !!!


FEAR.. your dearest enemy who can STOP you from moving Forward

FEAR.. your biggest monster who will SCARE you about a new Beginning

FEAR.. your greatest hustler who PERSUADE you to backaway from Growth

FEAR.. comes in various formats, known and unknown

FEAR..juggles inside-out everyday

FEAR.. grows invariably as tangible and intangible equity

So, When FEAR is destined to be your inevitable partner…

Welcome any FEAR with love

Date every FEAR with lust

Breakup with FEAR after the business

Gift that memorable affair to your everlusting FEAR Partner

Let FEAR be your PLEASURE Partner !!!

(Based on an interesting discussion with my dearest childhood friend)

Srikanth Talluri

Life is Beautiful. Make it FEARFul



Srikanth Talluri

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