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Srikanth Talluri
3 min readNov 19, 2022

Honey Bees have been my long term inspiration when it comes to Problem Solving & Value Creation.

They create value in the form of Honey 🍯 that’s long long sustainable, lasting for thousands of years.

Creating Honey that’s long lasting for Thousands of Years

Let’s look into the Nature’s 6D Algorithm they adhere to while generating this impeccable value.

  • sense the sources of nectar (D1 — Discover)
  • zero on the flower(s) of choice (D2 — Define)
  • strategise nectar extraction, transportation, honey processing and storage (D3 — Design)
  • draw the places, natural tools & resources to build the honeycomb, nectar extraction and honey conversion (D4 — Derive)
  • compose the honey by collaborating with other bees, create the strong hexagonal hives using the frugal materials around (D5 — Develop)
  • store, safeguard & serve the consumable value i.e., honey 🍯 to their baby bees (D6 — Deliver)

(humans stealing it is out of the syllabus for me)

This is how, 6D Thinking is applied by Honeybees towards continuous learning and developing intelligence for a Sustainable Value Creation.

What if the same nature’s algorithm can be applied by us, the Humans towards creating such Sustainable Solutions in the form of Products, Services & Ventures?

I term such a 6D Thinking exercise a HEXATHON, i.e. applying the 6Ds towards Learning, Intelligence Building, Problem Solving & Value Creation.

HEXATHONS are thus action packed 6D Thinking efforts towards solving a problem or a purpose. An algorithm decoded from the nature, tested in various outfits, refined and running since 2015.

The below video gives a visual understanding of honey bees’ Hexathon efforts.

Honey Bee — Hexathon

In the last few years, I had the luxury of conducting such hexathons at various lifestreams applying 6D Thinking into their respective Problem Solving efforts.

  • SOIL — world’s first Gen Alpha Z Create-to-Learn Hub
  • Ask Anjlee — a free Education Bot
  • A Neo Global Problem-Solving Varsity (in works)
  • A Kitchen Bot — in works by PUPS of age group 8–16 years
  • & 1000+ Micro (1 hr, 1 Day) to Macro(1 Week, 1 month) Hexathons with various global teams.

6D Thinking is Nature’s Intelligence Framework

6Ds Thinking is both linear & non-linear

6D Thinking helps you Compose & Decompose Solutions

6D Thinking helps in Decision Making

6D Thinking is both Composition & Decomposition Tool.

6D Thinking is a Game approach towards Solving Problems at scale

6D Chakra (6D Wheel)

Thinking like a Bee 🐝 helps you understand and use the 6Ds towards Learning and Problem Solving.

A honeybee loves the number 6 so much that it’s hive aka honeycomb is. hexagonal. Just kidding. 😘

Interested in knowing more about Hexathons and hosting one in your school, community, workplace or business outfit?

my email: founder@goincube.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stalluri/

6D Success Stories:

All the programs at SOIL — School of Innovation and Leadership are delivered as HEXATHONS.


Ask Anjlee — a FREE EDUCATION APP is the result of over hundreds of such daily Hexathons participated by its team members.


Hexathons for Corporates:

  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • AI for Enterprise
  • Friction at Work

Hexathons for Startups:

  • MVP Roadmap
  • Pivot or Not
  • Branding your Startup
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Growth

Hexathons for Educational World:

  • Curriculum Design
  • Global Problem Solving

Hexathons for Individuals:

  • Making Career Moves
  • Floating a New Business
  • Creating a Personal Brand
  • Hitting the Right Job
  • Best Home Buying
  • Pursuing Undergrad Abroad
  • Finding a Life Partner

Solve your Problems the 6D way 🐝


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